January 30, 2012

Little Libraries, Big Dreams!

by Bev Etzelmueller

[Reprinted from The Voice newsletter, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Wauwatosa, WI]

There are many wonderful libraries, bookstores and technology devices available to fulfill our reading hobby. Church libraries, although small, also have fascinating ways to explore and dream through reading. Sharing books through the church library is for the pure joy of reading and it is refreshing. Not only do you learn things, but reading provides brain stimulation that watching television does not offer.

Recently a church member stopped in the library to browse. She quickly picked up a book from the Fiction shelf. She said, “Oh, I just saw this book in the bookstore and almost purchased the book. I stop in this library and it pops out at me.” She admitted that she hates to buy books and loves to browse in the library. Another member thanked me for the Voice write up on a Christian book by Angela Hunt. She said she thoroughly enjoyed the author’s story and hopes to read more selections.

Did you know that not every church has a library? A church library takes funding, space and dedication to provide God’s message to the congregation and the community. My prayer is that we do not take our library for granted. St. Matthew’s strives to have a comfortable, inviting library. Church libraries have kept up with the times, providing Christian books, fiction and non-fiction, CDs and DVDs. Selections offer and reflect Christian values to the congregation and community.

What I really want is for people to begin reading—and keep reading. One thing about books is that they remind us that there’s another world out there besides our small world. It’s a wonderful sharing time to pass along the love of reading to our children and grandchildren. I truly believe that God can work through books beyond our expectations and hopes. This is my wish for you for the New Year. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!