May 5, 2009

What's in Your Inbox?

Found anything worth sharing in your email inbox lately? A member recently forwarded this to us, seen in Author Susan May Warren's e-newsletter:

I was that girl who rode her bike to the library every Saturday morning . . .

. . . tucked herself in the aisles, whiled away the day choosing exactly the right book for the following week, and then packed my backpack, WAY too full, and then pedaled furiously home, my bag bumping against my back.

I love the library. It's like a box of chocolates, only the entire box is mine for the tasting! There are SO many wonderful books out there, but sometimes it's difficult to know which ones to read.

Our local librarian is like a therapist - she knows the books I love, and recommends others. Which is why librarians are key, especially for Christian fiction. When a person comes in hunting for the right book to deal with their Christian walk, having someone point them the right direction tells them that they aren't alone. It says that someone is linking arms with them on their journey.

I am so grateful for librarians who partner with me in getting out the word about Christian fiction. I can only write the best book I can -- it's up to librarians to put it into the right hands. Thank you for your ministry!

Susan May Warren is the author of over two dozen Christian Fiction books including 2009 Christy Award Finalist Finding Stefanie. Visit to find out about the author's latest projects and sign up for her e-newsletter.