November 17, 2009

Stretch your Library Budget at Half Price Books

Submitted by Kathleen Bowman, Librarian, Faith Lutheran Church, Appleton WI

Do you have a Half Price Books store in your area? Half Price Books is a large new and used retail bookstore chain with more than 100 stores in 15 states. Stores buy from the public, which makes the merchandise in each store unique.

When you bring in your unwanted books to Half Price Books, you receive a cash payment which you can spend on the spot.

Half Price Books is a great place to find books to add to your library. Books are shelved according to categories so it is easy to see if they have what you need.

As a church library worker, you are eligible for a 10% discount. Ask about signing up for the Educator Discount Card when you go to the store. To sign up, you will need to show an ID card or provide other verification such as a letter from your church.

Another great service for church libraries is their Library Donation Activities Program. Stores often receive more books than they want to stock and give these away to eligible organizations. Bring in a letter of introduction on church letterhead stating your name and position with your church library, tax exempt ID number, your interest in book donations, the subject area(s) you are interested in and how to contact you. Your information will be kept on file and you will be notified when they have a box of books for you.

Whether or not there is a store in your area, it is worth checking out Half Price Books stores when you are traveling. Because of the uniqueness of each store’s selection, customers traveling the country will find something different at every location.

Find more information about Half Price Books on their website