November 1, 2010

Librarians Helping Librarians: Don’t Just Walk By!

I have an ideal location for the library and 2 wonderful 6 ft. display cases 4 shelves tall. I get many, many compliments on the seasonal library displays of which I'm very appreciative of. YET, there are so many people that pass us by. Members might say ‘Oh, your windows are beautiful’ and I respond ‘well stop in after church.’ Some do, but many don't. Thus I created the following invitation to drop a stronger hint to come into the library:

Don’t Just Walk By – Stop in to Say Hello!

Certain habits are hard to break. I still find myself reaching for a light chain in the basement a long time after a wall switch has been installed. But I would like YOU to change one of YOUR habits…and that is walking past the library AND stopping in to say hello to our volunteers, other families, friends, etc. Many friendly faces frequent the library and we want you to stop in and say hello or introduce yourself.

It’s not always easy as there are places to be, various groups to participate in, friends to chat during coffee but the open doors and window displays are sending out a special invitation just for you. Are you ready to change your habits of walking past each Sunday? We wish to have you enter the library to gain knowledge, grasp God message, and expand your mind to God’s plan in your life. Yes, we are all very busy, but are we too busy for God’s message? Fall is a good time to change your habit.

Look at the books! Wonderful books of all kinds…fiction, church history and geography, Christian life and even parenting books. Don’t they beckon to you? Browse as long as you wish; they will entice you. You’ll succumb to the vast resources available all to you free of charge as we all look for economical ways to learn new things and develop a positive habit.

Aha…now you are hooked on a new habit! Now wasn’t that easy?

~Bev E., St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Germantown, Wisconsin