March 13, 2011

An Easter Letter from a Church Librarian

A religious leader recently commented, “The number one reason people give me for not meditating upon Scripture is that they don’t have enough time.” He wondered if we really have enough time for important things. So, he made a copy of the book of Philippians, cut it into sections and taped it over the columns of the local newspaper. It took up just three columns of the front page. Ironically, if you would have read your favorite parts of the newspaper or just scanned the headlines on the Internet, you actually could have read the book of Philippians. As the church librarian, I also hear these words; “I am too busy right now to check out a book.” However, what if we took the time to read the scriptures or a book “taped over” our alternative media source?

We should take seriously the theme for this year’s Lenten theme “We Walk by Faith” to focus on our Lord’s death and resurrection. The library offers many choices of daily meditations and reflections this Lenten season. Do not forget to share the message with your children and grandchildren. Lent and Easter can be a difficult time for young children to understand. Good Friday (as Pastor Chris and Donna emphasize that it is “good” Friday) and the miracle of Easter bring valid questions to ponder. Self-examination and reflection is a way for us to share a closer bond with our Lord.

In the book, Easter in My Heart (Wheeler, Joe. Waterbrook, 2000), which is the heart of the Christian faith, offers the potential not only to delight readers' families, but also to transform them. Beyond the eggs, the candy and the colorful baskets is history's most earth-shattering and revolutionary event. This year, through the spiritually enriching, family affirming stories in Easter in My Heart, readers can honor the true meaning of this day.

An Easter Gift to Me is a colorful board book for children, which tells about Jesus' life. It explains his birth and how God sent him from heaven to earth. When He grew up, He told people He was God's Son and, if they believed in Him and by following His instructions, they could live forever with Him in Heaven. Children will learn of the many miracles Jesus performed. An Easter Gift to Me shows the young reader how some of the people did not understand the way Jesus fit into God's special plan. The book reveals to children that Jesus hung on a cross and died for our sins but he rose again on Easter morning. In the final pages, a mother explains to her daughter that this story of Jesus is true! She then shows her young daughter if we believe and obey, we can see Jesus in Heaven someday.

I’m in the church library each week and hope to see you this Lenten season also! The Library hours are 9:30-11:00 a.m. each Sunday.

~Bev E., St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Germantown, Wisconsin