July 6, 2009

Week Two

Monday evening was spent moving everything else that was in the lounge and the library into Sunday school classrooms for the duration of the project.

Tuesday was a HUGE demolition day! Here are the before pictures:

The lounge will be completely gutted

The two walls with the windows and the brown paneled wall seen through the doorway are all going to be removed, all of the ceiling tile/supporting brackets in the lounge, library and adjacent hallways, removed carpeting some to be reused and some discarded, removed two interior windows.

Here are the after pictures:

And the trailer that hauled it all of way:

All of this was done by a group of 4 volunteers who worked all day plus about 6 others who helped for parts of the day!

Now we are done in this area until the contractors finish their work with new walls, ceiling, and electrical for lighting.

Now we need to work on putting the new lounge together. Having a contractor reinstall the carpeting and finding volunteers to paint, build a closet and move furniture back in.