April 27, 2010

Librarians Helping Librarians: Fundraising through Amazon

from Sharon R., Librarian at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Dayton OH

"This is a great way for congregations to add to strained budgets! If you go to our Website http://stpauls-dayton.org, you will see a small icon for Amazon at the bottom of our home page. When someone from our church clicks on this icon it takes them directly to Amazon and all purchases give a small percentage back to St. Paul's. The purchases don't necessarily have to be books; any purchases count.

To sign up, go to Amazon's home page. On the lower left hand corner, you will see a box that has partnerships, businesses, etc. Click on partnerships and go from there. Amazon is very helpful in setting this up with you. Within the last 6 month period our church has benefited $400.00!" -Sharon R.