April 27, 2010

NCLA's Virtual Chapter Meeting a Success

"We did it!!! NCLA's first virtual meeting added a new resource to a thriving support system for church library ministries all over the U.S.

A few technical difficulties did not prevent our group who is very interested in learning/sharing ideas about library ministries from like-minded individuals...our commitment to help others along the way was evident all month as we prepared for this on-line event that let us "meet" other church librarians and helpers from home.

An unplanned but not unexpected surprise was the obvious comfort level and many conversation items discussed by these 7 pioneers...it seemed like we were in the same room even though we were hundreds or thousands of miles apart. The participants included church librarians from NY, Georgia, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Oregon and New Mexico.

The group is encouraged to pick up where we left off on subjects such as library budgets, automation, book clubs, book donations and purchases, library location in a church, weeding, classification, Libraries Alive's reading recommendations and NCLA support. Thanks again for the extra effort by all!" -Moe C., Event Organizer