September 21, 2010

A Note to NCLA Members with THRIVENT Benefits

During the months of July and August, eligible Thrivent members received a letter from Thrivent with information on their Choice Dollars and details on how to direct Choice Dollar funds to organizations such as NCLA.

What does this mean?
By directing your Thrivent Choice Dollars to NCLA, you are requesting charitable funding from Thrivent to go to our organization.

This is another way to give to NCLA, beyond your regular donations, and it does not cost you anything.

How does it work?
Thrivent Financial designates Choice Dollars to their members. Members choose which organization receives their Choice Dollars. Thrivent deposits the funds into the organization’s account electronically.

One church librarian’s experience . . .
“It was easy! The amount on my letter is $212 (the anticipated amount for the whole year). Currently I have $120 available to donate. My husband has $42 for the year and $20 available right now. I set up mine by Internet. I first had to go in to Thrivent website ( and register. My husband did his by phone. Just call Thrivent’s toll free number (1-800-THRIVENT), say ‘Choice Dollars’ and you get a helpful real person. The donations will continue to be directed to NCLA, until I tell Thrivent to stop.” —D.G.

Hints on setting up NCLA as your Choice Dollar recipient:
•Because of our Lutheran roots, National Church Library Association is listed under “other Lutheran organizations.”
•National Church Library Association is listed in the Thrivent directory by our full name (not the acronym NCLA).

Please contact Thrivent at 1-800-THRIVENT(1-800-847-4836) or if you need further assistance.

We thank you!
Thank you for choosing National Church Library Association as the recipient of your Thrivent Choice Dollars!