September 21, 2010

October is Church Library Month

Did your circulation slow down over the summer? Do back-to-school and Sunday school activities in fall compete for your patrons’ attention? October is the perfect time to draw those distracted readers back to the church library. Gain new readers now and you’ll reap the benefits all year long.

Why not host an open house during Church Library Month? Whether your library is big or small, this is an ideal activity to promote it. Start simple, but do begin planning today. Post notices in the church newsletter, put up flyers and colorful displays throughout the building. On the day of the open house, offer treats and coffee to lure visitors in. If resources permit, continue the celebration throughout the month with contests, extended library hours, or give-a-ways.

This can also be a perfect time to ask for gifts to support the library. Set out a donation jar or ask your church leaders if a special offering for the library can be taken one Sunday. If you have volunteers to help, you could also hold a fundraiser such as a used book sale during the month.

Designating an entire month for church library promotion is an excellent way to draw church members into your library. If you miss individuals or families one Sunday, you can catch up with them the next.

Celebrate Church Library Month every October and your congregation will begin to look forward to it each fall!