September 22, 2009

Final Two Weeks of the OSLC Library Remodel Project

New carpeting is installed in the library and now it is time to dismantle the shelves in the storage area, carry them to the new library and reassemble them in their permanent locations. Since we had just assembled the shelves a few short months ago you would think this would be an easy task, but it was still a challenge!

I had three middle school age volunteers that were a huge help to me this week. I placed labels on the shelves to indicate where each category (we use a modified John system with 15 categories) should start and they moved 1500 books into their final locations in our new space. While checking their work and finalizing shelving placement I was amazed to discover they had less than a dozen books out of order. They also helped me prepare new materials for our new book display. Ryan, Kyle, and Sarah H. are the best kids around!

Final week
An incredibly busy week! We had a team of eight assemble chairs and desks and it became a competition to see which group could assemble a chair the fastest! Desks and boxes of supplies were moved back into the work area and the computer was installed. My husband was very busy finishing special shelving design projects while I finished all the details that make everything actually work in the library.