September 22, 2009

Weeks 3 - 9 of the OSLC Library Redesign Project

Weeks 3 -7

Contractors worked on finishing walls, electrical wiring, new ceiling lighting and a new ceiling throughout the space and a new closet was built for the new lounge.

Week Eight

With the contractors done, it was back to the design team to select paint colors and carpeting. Our interior designers selected a soft yet bright yellow for the library walls and we chose multicolor institutional grade carpeting. Being good stewards of the Earth, we also chose carpet made from recycled materials. Our first choice for carpeting was backordered and would not be available until mid September. That was a major problem considering our grand opening was scheduled for September 13th! We ended up going with a shade darker than the original choice but it looked fine.

The next step was painting, priming to be exact. It took about a week to paint due to taking time to tape off the areas not painted and the variety of wall textures we had – painted cement block, never painted cement block, brand new sheet rock, metal radiator covers, and old plaster walls. In addition, if you didn’t see the pictures, the walls were a dark blue and dark pink! So, between the textures and the dark colors it took two plus coats of primer to get a nice surface for our new yellow paint!

Week Nine

Still painting! My husband I finished the yellow paint in the library. Having a husband that is 6’3” tall helps when painting! He did the high areas and I followed behind doing the lower areas. We had two more volunteers help paint the lounge and even with its two-color scheme, we were able to get two coats on that room in just two evenings.