September 16, 2009

New! Automation User Groups Forming

While software companies provide support for their products, it is invaluable to be able to talk with others and share the little nuances of a program you are using. “We found this worked,” “have you tried this?” or “I didn’t know you could do that!” are conversations you can now have with fellow software users. Louise B., librarian at St. Aidan’s United in Victoria, BC Canada, is setting up email user groups for individual programs in use by church librarians.

The idea originated with Louise and our friends at the Congregational Libraries Association of British Columbia (CLABC). Louise is a member of both NCLA and CLABC and she is graciously extending an invitation to NCLA members to participate.

If your library is automated (or considering it), email your name, church, contact email and name of the program you are using (or interested in) to Louise. Louise will put you in touch with everyone using your software. Click here to email Louise>>>

Thanks Louise and CLABC for the partnership!